'The Voice' Winner Pastor Todd Tilghman Reveals Big Life Changes That Reflect 'How Miraculous God Has Been'

By Todd Tilghman

todd tilghman

Mississippi pastor Todd Tilghman, who was crowned the winner of "The Voice" in May, says the experience has been a blessing that has opened amazing doors for him and for the good news of God.

"God has given me a lot more opportunities that are not necessarily traditional ministry, to minister," Tilghman said during an interview with Movieguide.   

The husband and father of eight children revealed that his work schedule increased significantly, but so did the size of his church audience. 

 "There are also a lot more new faces here and there," Tilghman said. "What really happened with our churches is the online viewership just went through the roof, like, just insane."

The 41-year-old pastor of Cornerstone Church in Meridian, MS has been able to offer encouragement to his congregation during these difficult times.

"Hopefully, what I can offer, because everyone's different you know…is some hope and just some fun and a little bit of joy," he said. "A lot of the stuff that I'm writing is sort of 'slice of life' type stuff, which I love."

And Tilghman recently told CBN News that his victory on The Voice has actually been good for his family. "We've always been a really close family, but I actually think this has caused us to come even closer," he said.

He even gives his wife Brooke credit for encouraging him to audition for the show.

"My wife, Brooke, told me I would regret it if I didn't go," he added. "Thank God for her and thank God I changed my mind and decided to go. It's been like a dream. Everyone keeps telling me to just soak it in, but it's hard to do because you just can't believe you are really there."

He is the oldest performer to win out of the show's 18 seasons. 

Tilghman is creating new music and hopes to go on a music tour. And he is working with his wife and an author on a new book called Every Little Win. 

"I think the book may sort of start out with me going on a national TV show, but then it sort of backs up to just our life and all the things show just really how miraculous God has been and just day to day circumstances for us," Tilghman said. 

In a recent Instagram post, Tilghman admits that he is thankful for all the changes that have happened and "it was an experience I'll be grateful for as long as I live."

"I am the unlikeliest of candidates for starting over," he wrote. "But here I am, and I'm going for it. A book is coming, and music is coming, and I'll keep grinding until it's successful because now I BELIEVE the world wants to hear me."

And Tilghman shared with Movieguide an essential message for everyone, from the Bible, for the difficult times that we're living. 

"Scripture says the suffering that we're facing right now is nothing compared to the glory that is coming," he said. "I believe that that means heaven and eternity with God. But I also believe that, you know, David said we'd see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. So I think that there's some glory that we can live in right here right now."

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